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Here at Catholic Charities of Southeastern Ohio, we offer emergency assistance and referral to diocesan-wide social services agencies.

What emergency assistance do we offer?


​​1. Assistance Restricted to the Elderly​​ - This is dedicated to financially assist people who are at age 60 or older with gas, water, or electric once in a 12 month period. Also, if you have a relative that has passed away at the age of 60 or older, we can assist with funeral costs up to $150.


2. Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program - This program provides financial assistance towards past due or current balances for water, bulk fuel, gas, or electric. This assistance is limited to Jefferson County, Ohio residents, and can only be provided once per period. 


3. Adult Emergency Assistance through the Diocese of Steubenville - This financial assistance is limited to gas, water, or electric. Assistance can only be provided once in a 12 month period. 

Our financial assistance requires that you are under 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. 

What is required of you for assistance to be provided?

  • Photo Identification - driver's license, state ID, or passport

  • Social Security Card and/or Birth Certificate for all adults and/or children within the household

  • Proof of Income - Pay stub from employer, unemployment, utility check, food stamps, child support, social security, disability, or any welfare cash assistance you have received

  • Utility Bill Statement

Financial Assistance is not provided for the following:

  • Rent or Security Deposits

  • Utility Security Deposits

  • Late Fees

  • Closed Accounts

  • TV/Cable

  • Satellite

  • Internet

  • Home Phone/Cell Phone

  • Fuel for automobiles

  • Birth Certificates

  • State IDs or Driver's Licenses


Please note that our monetary assistance is dependent on the amount of funding we have available at the time. If the type of assistance you are looking for is not listed on this page, please check out our resource guide to find what you need. You can also stop by our offices or give us a call, as we are always willing to assist you in finding the help you need!

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